We have recently designed and manufactured a three bay horizontal cable and conductor taping line. The machine is designed to accurately apply a variety of tape materials to cables and conductors ranging from 3.2mm (0.13”) to 11.68mm (0.5”).

The taping bays are fitted with twin servo controlled concentric taping heads capable of applying tapes including PTFE, Mica, Paper, Nomex®, Polyester, Aluminium/Mylar and Kapton® from flat pads or cross wound (universal) pads. The maximum flat tape pad outer diameter the taping heads are designed to accept is 508mm (20”) and the maximum of a cross wound pad accepted is 203.2mm x 88.9mm (8” x 3.5”). An easy to operate HMI control panel allows for fine adjustments to the head speeds, taping lap and jog movement to ensure consistent taping performance.

The taping line comes complete with traversing pay-Off drum stand to accept a full load weight of 500kg (1102lbs), Pull through caterpillar with a pulling force of 227kgf / 500lbf and traversing take-up drum stand with conductor tension and layering control.

The taping machine was fitted with a range of optional extras including material guide rollers, precision length counter and tape break sensor to enhance the machine.

Our machines are built to the highest standards and to meet our customer’s exact requirements. The new modular design means the machines can be built to your specification such as 1, 2, 3 or 4 bay, accepting cables and conductors of varying sizes with drum stand capacities ranging from 250Kg to 2000Kg.

Get in touch to discuss your requirement or fill in our online questionnaire and we will get back to you with a detailed specification matching your needs.

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More about our cable and conductor taping machines: https://www.ridgwayeng.com/cable-and-conductor-taping-machines/