Ridgway design and manufacture a range of vertical and horizontal cable and conductor taping machines.

High Speed Precision Taping Machine

Designed to accurately apply a variety of tape materials for high frequency cables and flat conductors for the Aircraft, Aerospace and Satellite System Industries.

The machine can apply a variety of high performance materials to wire and cable including PTFE, Aluminium, Mylar and Kapton.

It has servo controlled taping heads with electronic tape tension control and is capable of applying 1 tape from flat pads or cross wound (universal) pads.

Hi-Resolution 5MP cameras are integrated into the machine to provide high quality multi-point vision inspection, adjustment and image capture.

To enhance the finished product the camera system monitors tape elongation, overlap, registration and contamination for overall better quality and control.

A range of optional extras are also available to complement and strengthen the taping line.

High Speed Image Capture and Data Logging with 80 Images Captured per Second

Precise Tape Application with Head Speeds of 2500rpm

Active low tape tension control

Modular design meaning the taping line can be built to your requirements

Advanced Technology HMI Control System

Product Measurement Control System

High Speed Compact Taping Machines

The taping lines are designed to precisely apply up to 2 individual tapes per head onto round or rectangle wires.

Twin servo motor technology ensures the fast and accurate application of the applied tapes. The taping head is designed to accommodate both flat and cross wound tape pads to suit the required application. The HTM-Configurations can be used to apply a variety of materials including but not limited to Mica, Paper, Nomex®, Polyester, Aluminium/Mylar and Kapton®.

An easy to operate operator HMI control panel allows for fine adjustments to the head speeds, taping lap and jog movement. Take up drum stand settings are also handled through the HMI and line status information is also displayed.

Flexible design enabling various configurations including 1, 2, 3 or 4 bays.

Twin servo controlled concentric taping head with electronic tape tension control

Maximum productivity

Increased throughput per hour – very high taping speeds

Consistent and repeatable
taping performance – active tension control

Capability for up to 2500rpm taping head rotation speed

Reduced energy costs – regenerative drive systems

Kapton and Glass Taping Line

The line can be designed to apply one or both applications based on your requirements.

Designed to insulate round or flat conductors by applying
Kapton® tape or Glass then bonding by heat applied by induction and
radiant ovens.

 Pay off drum stand

Complete range – torque and dancer
control available.

Straighten and clean unit

Sets of hardened steel rollers and
powered brushes ensure that the
conductor is perfectly straight and clean

Kapton® & Glass taping machine

Horizontal taping bay fitted with a twin
servo concentric taping head


Servo drive, synchronised to tape head
speed. Pneumatically controlled belt pressure.

Induction heater

Rapid heating of conductor aid adhesion of Kapton® or Glass.

Radiant oven

Fully automated—retracts when line stops to prevent burning.

Conductor cooling unit

Re-circulated chilled water conductor
system. Air wipe attached for conductor

Spark tester

High frequency spark tester with bead
chain for finished product quality

Control system

Full communication and control
between all line elements including
ancillary equipment.

 Take up drum stand

Servo driven drum carriage for control
of conductor layering. Dancer controlled
variable torque geared motor,
combined with ultrasonic sensors
ensures precise conductor tension
throughout the winding process.

High Speed Tangential Taping Machines

for wire and cable

High speed accurate taping at up to 60 metres/minute. Available in 2 – 4 tape pads per head dependent on your requirements.

Cost effective solution

Increase your productivity by investing in competitively priced high quality precision taping machines.

 Taping quality

Accurate and consistent taping of a wide range of materials to meet the high standards your customer demands.

High capacity tape pads

Increase productivity with less pad changes.

Photo-electric sensors

Non contact photo-electric sensors for low pad and tape break detection

Strobe light

‘Freeze frame’ view of the taping process for accurate adjustment

Operator HMI control

Easy to operate control panel for fine adjustment of the taping lap, strobe light settings and jog. Line status information is also displayed.

Remote Diagnostics

When integrated into a Ridgway taping line skilled engineers are available for fast, professional support via remote diagnostics.

High Capacity Concentric Taping Machine

Designed for the application of tape to wire and cable

The high capacity concentric taping head gives you the opportunity to tape continuously for up to 24 hours without a tape pad change.

Integrated reserve tube for tape pad storage. Flat pads can also be used if required.

 Cost effective solution

Increase your productivity by investing in
competitively priced high quality precision taping machines.

Taping quality

Accurate and consistent taping of a wide
range of materials to meet the high
standards your customer demands.

Twin servo motor drive

Fast accurate head control using the
latest twin servo drive technology.


Non contact sensors for tape break and
low pad detection.

High Speed Horizontal Bunching Line

For taping and bunching wire and cable – up to 8 Separate Conductors

A complete solution offering the capability to separately insulate, bunch and collectively insulate stacks of conductor.

Ridgway offer a complete automated machine line for taping and bunching multiple conductors together. Taping insulation material is applied onto the individual conductors (up to 8 maximum) prior to bunching and collectively insulating the finished conductor stacks.

Taping speeds in excess of 1000rpm can be provided with a choice of 2, 3, 4 or 8 pad heads for each individual taping bay to provide the required quantity of insulation layers. A full graphics HMI interface provides simplified control from a single free standing console.

If space is a constraint, we can design a compact unit to suit your exact requirements.

Pay off drum stands – Complete range – torque and dancer control available.

Straighten and Clean – Hardened steel rollers with powered brushes are incorporated into the design, providing perfectly straightened and cleaned conductor prior to tape application.

Taping Machines

  • Servo motor drive
  • Photo-electric tape break detectors
  • Low tape pad detection
  • Conductor steady with adjustable guide roller units
  • Strobe light option giving freeze frame view of taping process

Taping heads – Extensive range for all applications:

  • Tangential heads with 2, 3, 4 or 8 tape pads
  • Concentric heads for traverse wound packs or flat pads


  • Up to 5000N pull
  • Servo drive, synchronised to tape head speed
  • Pneumatically controlled belt pressure Take‑up drum stand

Ridgway Vertical Taping Machine

Designed to apply a large range of taping materials to conductors and cables.

The VTM-TS has two concentric servo driven tape heads which can accommodate flat or traverse wound tape packages. The motors have brakes to maintain continuous synchronisation and prevent inadvertent head rotation by the operator.

The heads are electronically linked through a dancer unit, which provides extremely accurate tape tension control throughout the taping process. The dancer detects tape breakage and instructs the machine to come to a rapid controlled stop.

The operator inputs taping parameters and the helix angle is displayed to enable tape head set up – a recipe memory is included in the control system to allow the operator to create, save and load taping recipes.

Photo electric low tape detectors bring the line to a controlled halt when the tape pad is close to finishing.

Conductor steadies with adjustable guide roller units hold the conductor or cable steady during the taping process.

Strobe lights are fitted for ‘freeze frame’ views of the taping process.

Control system allows communication with ancillary equipment.

Other heads – such as tangential tape heads – are available

Remote diagnostics – simply plug the VTM-TS into the internet and Ridgway engineers connect to the machine and diagnose problems very quickly.

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