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Based in Leicester with over 100 years engineering experience

We are the leading manufacturer of precision taping and winding machines for the electrical and energy industries, with over 100 years engineering experience. Ridgway machines are widely used for manufacturing electrical coils, cable and conductors. They are also used to manufacture Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe (RTP) for oil and gas pipelines. From innovative flexible designs to worldwide customer support, we provide expert solutions developed from a close understanding of our customer’s individual needs.

We are an independent owner managed company, an expert team of specialist and experienced engineers with a flexible approach to a variety of applications. Customer focus and satisfaction are key to our successful long term partnerships. We offer a complete service – from machine design, manufacture and test to installation, training and technical support worldwide.

Providing expert  service and support for 100 years

Our History

Ridgway Machines Ltd can trace its roots back to 1920 when Ridgway & Co were first established in Leicester, England. Originally a general engineering business, Ridgway (sometimes misspelled as ‘Ridgeway’) evolved into a high quality specialist design and manufacturing company. Working closely with local manufacturers such as GEC, Brush Electrical Machines and Midland Dynamo, Ridgway developed a wide range of machinery for the coil winding industry. The acquisition of Crowther Engineering in 1988 enabled us to develop further as a conductor and cable taping machinery specialist, offering complete taping production lines for a wide range of materials, including glass and Kapton. In 2000 we launched our thermoplastic pipe reinforcing machines for the oil and gas pipeline industry. Experiencing high demand and successful growth for this and other product lines, we moved to larger manufacturing facilities in 2004 and more recently to our present location in 2017.

Our Mission

We aim to be the world leader in precision taping, winding and associated coil manufacturing machines and reinforced thermoplastic pipe (RTP) for the Electrical Energy, Electrical Power, Superconductor, Aerospace/Military, Renewable Energy and Oil & Gas industries.

Based on our innovative added value designs and highly specialised experience we produce excellent quality products and value for money solutions. By having a close understanding of our customer’s operational and service needs and remaining flexible in our approach, we aim to be their preferred supplier of choice.

To achieve profitable business growth and meet the needs of our stakeholders we employ highly motivated and skilled employees who support team working and feel personally empowered and engaged.

We work within a culture that embraces continuous improvement, dynamic business systems and remain passionate about our quality, customer service and innovation.


Ridgway’s top priority is ensuring our machines are safe to operate and the persons operating the machines have enough information they are confident in using all aspects of the machine. Our machines are all quality assured ahead of shipping, pass harmonised standards that are applicable and comply with European Machinery Directives – Machinery Safety Directive: 2006/42/EC and Directive 2006/95/EEC. We also work to other international standards and local authority standards when required. Our machines our accompanied by an operating manual covering all aspects to ensure that the machine is operated correctly and any risks minimised to the operator.

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