Umbilical cable taping machine

World leading taping machinery to manufacture subsea umbilical cables for the toughest conditions.


The Umbilical Taping Machine is designed to apply a variety of tapes to an umbilical as it passes through the machine. The tape head rotates to produce a spiral wrap of tapes on to the umbilical to a pre-programmed configuration. Tape tensions are accurately controlled and maintained as the tape pads are used.

 To manufacture a variety of umbilicals

 Consistent and repeatable taping performance with active tension control

 Tape package change without having to stop the line

 Tape package change without hazard to the operator

 Improved quality and production

Technical Specification

Main machine: 7000kgs
Umbilical support unit: 2300kgs
Side beams (each): 650kgs
End iris guide support: 800kgs

Tape pad diameter: Up to 600mm
Tape pad width: 50mm to 80mm
Tape pad maximum weight: 35kg
Tape pad bore: 76 or 152mm cardboard
Number of tape pads: 1, 2, 3 or 4
Rotating speed: 0 to 50rpm maximum (use a half weight pad when using odd numbered tape pads)
Direction of Rotation: Clockwise and anti-clockwise
Time to accelerate to full speed: 10 seconds
Time to decelerate from full speed: 4 seconds
Taping angles: 50 to 88 degrees from pipe axis
Tape tension range: 10 – 40 kg ±15% (from full to empty tape pad)
Umbilical outside diameter range: 40 to 310mm
Bore of machine: 350mm
Centre line height: 1.175m
Machine dimensions: 10.83m long x 5.50m wide x 2.45m high
Power supply – electrical: 415 volts / 3 phase / 50 hertz
Environment: 0 to 28 degrees C with maximum 85% humidity

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