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Straigthen, strip and cut machine

for the rapid production of insulated straight bars for armature and rotor manufacture

The SSC line is designed to strip insulation from the ends of preinsulated copper conductor (supplied on a drum) and deliver them as cut lengths.

A drum of insulated conductor is fed from the pay-off drum stand and through the straightening unit. The conductor is then
pulled through the brush unit stripping the insulation with a counter rotating brush set.

The conductor is pulled through the machine by the caterpillar to a pre-set distance to the second brush unit and the next set of counter-rotating brushes. The
hydraulic guillotine cuts the conductor to length and drops the strip into the collection tray.

The tray indexes after each cut cycle, continuously delivering the final product to the pre-set total length and stripped end lengths.

The SSC line compromises the following modules:

 Pay-off Drum Stand

Straightening Unit

Brush Stripping & Clean Unit



 Guillotine Cut Station

 Delivery Chute/Collection Bench

 HMI Control System

Ridgway BTU 100

Band Tension Unit

Designed to apply preset tension to tapes and wires when banding armatures.

Technical Specification

Tension range

Up to 680 kg (1500 lbs)

Maximum tape width


Maximum wire diameter

3mm Ø

TS Traversing Saddle
Traverse length

1500mm as standard

Custom lengths available

The BTU100 is a self contained unit used to apply controlled tension to wire or tape when banding armatures.

The BTU100 accepts glass fibre tape up to 30mm wide and both round and flat steel wire.

Traversing saddle shown with band tension unit

 Tension Control
Tension is monitored continuously by a hydraulic sensing head fitted with a calibrated manual dial display. Variable tape tensions can be set and a “quick release” is actuated to release tension at the end of the banding cycle.
 Tension Adjustment
Tension can be easily varied via adjustments made to the tension reel arrangement
Straightening rollers, pre-tension pads and guide rollers are provided for banding with wire.
 Flexible Mounting
The BTU100 can be simply floor mounted, fitted to the saddle of an existing winding machine or incorporated with the Ridgway TS traversing saddle to offer a complete solution.
 TS Traversing Saddle
The TS Traversing Saddle consists of a pair of rails suitably braced for floor mounting. The traversing saddle is easily moved smoothly along the horizontal axis via a manually operated gear and chain driven rack and pinion. The standard traverse length is 1500mm however other lengths can be made to order.

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