High Performance Cables and Conductors

Taping machinery for the aviation and aerospace industries

Electrical and Energy Cables and Conductors

Taping  machines for low to high voltage cables and conductors for electrical industries

Coil Manufacturing and Winding

A range of coil manufacturing and winding machinery for the energy industries

Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe & Thermoplastic Composite Pipe

Machines used to manufacture RTP & TCP for the gas & oil industries

Umbilical Cables

Taping machinery used in the production of cables for subsea industries

Special Purpose Machines

Special purpose taping machinery for industries including fusion and nuclear power

Our range of machinery

Conductor and Cable Covering

These fully integrated production lines, including drum stands and camera control systems, are used in the electrical and power manufacturing industries for high speed application of insulation tapes onto round or flat conductor wires and cable.

Coil Manufacturing and Winding

From freely suspended squirrel turn taping machines for taping together multiple conductors to fully automated multi-axis complex coil winding systems. A wide range of cost effective machines for coil pull-out, forming and loop winding – including narrow coil profiles.

Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe / Thermoplastic Composite Pipe

Our RTP and TCP taping machines apply layers of reinforcing tape (for example Kevlar and glass) to produce RTP or TCP. Typical uses for these Machines include oil & gas flow lines and water injection systems.

Coil Taping Equipment

We design and manufacture a range of coil taping equipment from suspended hand-held coil taping units for motor and generator coils/bars to taping heads for insulating superconductor coils for projects such as ITER’s TF (toroidal field) magnets.

Umbilical Cables

Our umbilical cable taping machine is designed to apply a variety of tapes to an umbilical cable as it passes through the machine. Our machine wraps an outer ring onto an umbilical cable which can then be deployed in subsea and deep-water environments.

Drum Stands and Ancillary Equipment

We offer a range of pay-off and take-up drum stands with precise layering and tension control designed to meet the needs of all cable and wire manufacturers for all applications. The types of drum stands  available include Gantry, Pintle,  Shaft and Vertical.

About Ridgway Machines

We are the leading manufacturer of precision taping and winding machines for the electrical and energy industries, with over 95 years engineering experience. Ridgway machines are widely used for manufacturing electrical coils, cable and conductors. They are also used to manufacture Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe (RTP) for oil & gas pipelines and Sub-sea Umbilical Cables for connections between sub-sea equipment and platforms or floating production systems. From innovative flexible designs to worldwide support, we provide expert solutions developed from a close understanding of our customer’s individual needs.

Support & Services

Our experienced engineers can provide support either onsite or via remote diagnostics.

Worldwide Sales

We are experts in exporting and can assist with your machine requirements ourselves or with our international agents.

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Happy Customers

“We have two Ridgway high speed horizontal taping lines used to wrap a range of conductors with materials such as Mica, Mylar, Nomex and Paper. These Ridgway machines provide high quality taping with continuous production and reliability second to none.  Service from Ridgway staff is of the highest calibre in terms of response, reliability and after sales support. We consider Ridgway to have similar values to WES – customer service focused and able to give customers the best value solutions for their specific applications. I would personally recommend Ridgway to anyone”.

Mark Vickers - General Manager - Strip Division


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