Ridgway Machines are the world leader in the design and supply of production lines for the manufacture of Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe (RTP) & Thermoplastic Composite Pipe (TCP). The production lines manufacture high pressure, non-metallic pipes (on-shore 2” to 10” flowlines) for the oil and gas industry. RTP & TCP also has uses in offshore and in shallow water. Other applications include water transportation and district heating.

Production lines include tape wrapping machines, heating and bonding stations, consolidation units, haul offs and control systems. Reel stands, generally supplied by others, are incorporated into the Ridgway line control systems along with safety fences, handling systems, etc.

The wrapping machines (typically 4 or 8) apply layers of non-metallic reinforced tapes (HDPE/glass, aramid, carbon fibre, etc.) onto polymer liner pipes. Using state of the art advanced cameras and tension regulation systems, tape positions and tensions and are accurately controlled to ensure consistent product quality. Real time data capture is provided for Quality Assurance.

Tapes can be wrapped without bonding, semi-bonded or fully bonded to the liner pipe and previous layers of tapes dependent upon the pipe design. For fully bonded pipes, consolidation units assist in removing air to create high strength composite structures.

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