We have recently manufactured a new high speed cable and conductor taping machine for the purpose of producing superconductor cable.

The High Speed Taping Machine is designed to accurately apply superconducting tape materials such as Kapton to small diameter cables. The taping heads are capable of applying tapes from flat pads or cross wound (universal) pads.

The new taping line is being installed within an existing production line. The  taping line comes with an advanced technology camera system to monitor the taping process and adjust as required.

The whole line comes complete with pay-off drumstand, dancers, guide rollers, taping machine, HMI control system, capstan tensioner and take-up drum stand

Superconducting Cable

What are superconducting wires and cables?

Superconducting wires are wires made of superconductors. When cooled below their transition temperatures, they have zero electrical resistance.

Two main advantages of superconducting cables

– Power & cost efficient
– Reduces the size & weight

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