Video of W-RHD Rotor Winding Machine (1m01s)

Ridgway W-RHD


Designed for bi-directional, indexed winding of rotor pole coils

Ridgway W-RHD Rotor Winding Machine

Rotor Winding Machine

For a complete solution to enable the fast and effective winding of rotor pole coils.

Geared servo drive system

The W-RHD incorporates the latest servo drive technology. A variable speed geared motor directly drives the main spindle, providing a high torque capability throughout the speed range.

Pneumatic holding brake

The spindle is fitted with a pneumatic holding brake to ensure a positive stop.

Operator controls

The main control panel used to vary speed and direction of rotation is mounted on a free standing pedestal giving greater operator flexibility. The operator has full control of both the acceleration and deceleration through the entire speed range simply by using the remote foot pedal.

Drum stands

A range of single and double friction braked or wear free active tensioned drum stands is available.

Ridgway W-RHD Rotor Winder Shaft

W-RHD Rotor Winder Shaft

Capstan tension unit

For optimum conductor control a range of pneumatically actuated single or double capstan tension units is available.


Rotor support tooling available, featuring indexing clamps, enabling easy repositioning of the rotor between winding cycles.

Tooling and fixtures

Providing you with greater flexibility, a large faceplate is fitted as standard to enable easy direct fitting of existing tooling. Exclusive tooling/fixture design can also be incorporated offering you a complete solution.


pdfSpec Sheet PDF (148KB)

Rotor Winder

Maximum torque

Up to 10000 Nm

Speed range

0 to 10 rpm

Maximum rotor weight

W-RHD5000 - up to 5000kg

W-RHD10000 - up to 10000kg

Faceplate centre height

1300mm (other heights available)

Also available

Ridgway Capstan Tension Unit

Capstan Tension Unit

Variable tension control

Adjustable guide rollers

Pneumatic brake override

Capstan Tension Unit details


Video of W-RHD Rotor Winding Machine (1m01s)W-RHD Rotor Winding Machine Video (1m01s)


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