Ridgway HCP


Designed to heat and consolidate straight loop stator coils

Ridgway HCP Hot Coil Compaction Press Machine

Hot Coil Compaction Press Machine

Ridgway HCP Hot Coil Compaction Press Machine

The HCP Hot Coil Compaction Press is designed to heat and consolidate straight loop stator coils, each machine tailored to the customer’s specific needs.

The HCP incorporates a set of hydraulic rams built into hinged arm assemblies across the top length and rear face of the working envelope, with independent hydraulic circuits. Each ram can deliver 10 tonnes of force and the number of rams can be selected to suit specific coil lengths.

Coil heating is achieved using a set of electrically heated platens (heater bars) at the front and rear sides of the machine. Each platen is independently operated/controlled from a freestanding HMI cabinet.

After pressure is applied, the platen temperature is raised to a set point and held for a period of time (soak time). The platens are then cooled with an air blast followed by recyclable cooling water prior to hydraulic ram release and unloading of the coils.

Precision Coil Forming

The HCP Hot Coil Compaction Press is designed and assembled by experienced Ridgway engineers using high quality, robust components. This ensures that a uniform and precision compaction process is reliably achieved for a wide range of coil consolidation requirements and long term operational life.

Full HMI Process Control

Full HMI operator control is provided from a freestanding cabinet. This covers the entire compaction process from hydraulic, air and temperature control to cooling and power consumption for each of the control zones within the machine, including fault diagnosis.

Ridgway HCP Hot Coil Compaction Press Machine HMI



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Heating Temperature

Typically 165 degC

Compaction Force

10 Tonnes max from each pair of 15 hydraulic rams as standard

Coil Size Capacity

Width 360mm max/50mm min
Height 250mm max
Length 3810mm max

Hydraulic System

Powered by an air multiplier system

Preset to pneumatic pressure x 100

Heating Circuit

Up to 30 internal heater platens using Electrical elements and thermocouples

Cooling Circuit

2 bar initial air blast to heater bars

Chilled water sent to heater bars

Final air blast to remove all water

Operator Controls

Separate cabinet with touch screen

HMI display for full process control

Air Supply

5.5 bar maximum, clean dry air

Power Supply

440 volts 3 phase 50 hertz typical

Noise Exposure

Less than 75 Db(A)

CE Compliant