Video KTL Kapton© Taping Line (7m01s)

Ridgway KTL


For round and flat conductors

Designed to insulate round or flat conductors by applying Kapton© tape and bonding by heat applied by induction and radiant ovens.

Ridgway Kapton© Taping Line

Ridgway KTL Kapton© Taping Head

Ridgway KTL Kapton© Taping Head

Ridgway KTL Kapton© Cooling Unit

KTL Induction Heater Unit

Ridgway Kapton© Taping Line

Pay off drum stand

Complete range - torque and dancer control available.

Straighten and clean unit

Sets of hardened steel rollers and powered brushes ensure that the conductor is perfectly straight and clean prior to applying the Kapton©.

Kapton© taping machine

Horizontal taping bay fitted with a twin servo concentric taping head.


Up to 2000N pull.

Servo drive, synchronised to tape head speed.

Pneumatically controlled belt pressure.

Induction heater

Rapid heating of conductor to approx. 320°C to aid adhesion of Kapton©.

Radiant oven

Fully automated - retracts when line stops to prevent burning of Kapton©.

Conductor cooling unit

Re-circulated chilled water conductor system. Air wipe attached for conductor drying.

Spark tester

High frequency spark tester with bead chain for finished product quality control.

Control system

Full communication and control between all line elements including ancillary equipment.

Take up drum stand

Servo driven drum carriage for control of conductor layering. Dancer controlled variable torque geared motor, combined with ultrasonic sensors ensures precise conductor tension throughout the winding process.

Reliable support

Skilled engineers are available for fast, professional support via remote diagnostics.

Ridgway KTL Radiant Oven

Ridgway KTL Radiant Oven


Kapton© Concentric Taping Head

Twin servo drives for constant tension

Taping head speed

Up to 2000rpm

Tape tension

5 to 50N

Taping spindle through bore


Conductor capacity

1.5mm2 to 40mm2

Tape pad


Core Ø75/76mm

Width 6mm to 30mm

Weight up to 9.0kg

Line speed

Up to 20m/min

Electrical supply

415v 3 phase 50hz/152amps

Other voltages available


Demonstration of KTL Kapton© Taping Line SEE THE VIDEO

Video Demonstration of KTL Kapton© Taping Line (7m01s)


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