Video of BCT1630VLDM Bench Taping Machine (0m59s)

Ridgway DTM

DTM-25/25 Armature and Stator Coil Taping Machine

A simple table mounted coil taping machine operated by a foot pedal accelerator via an AC inverter drive system.

For application of tape insulation systems to motor coils

The top speed can be set up to a maximum of 250rpm to suit the application. Adjustable polyurethane covered guide rollers (fully adjustable and tapered) give very good coil control. An extra rest roller is provided for longer coils. The machine capacity is 25x25mm max. section and down to 125mm internal span between coil legs.

Key Features

  • For both OEM and coil repair shops
  • Up to 8 times faster than by hand
  • Fast tape application
  • Virtually no preparation or set up time being required
  • Up to 25mm wide x 25mm high coil cross section
  • 20mm and 25mm tape widths
  • 100mm diameter tape pads
  • Low or high resin tapes
  • Tapes the "in-slot" area and end legs of the coil or bar
  • 250 revolutions per minute taping speed
  • Soft start AC inverter drive
  • 240V single phase - or to suit customer's requirement
  • 1050 x 850 x 1120mm