We are currently manufacturing a range of high performance cable and conductor taping machines at our factory in Leicester, UK.

The taping machines currently being manufactured are for a wide variety of applications designed to meet customer’s specific requirements. They include a new multi-purpose taping machine that will apply a variety of materials such as Kapton®, Glass & Varnish, Daglas and Mica to round or flat conductors. Also a new style, high speed PTFE taping machine to accept a wide range of cable and conductor sizes. Similarly being manufactured are a number of modular high speed taping machines designed for maximum productivity and increased throughput per hour.

Ridgway Machines Sales Director Andy Clarke said “Ridgway has recently moved to a new factory, invested in workforce and launched a new website. After a couple of years developing our new range of cable and conductor taping machinery it is very pleasing to be able to showcase them to the world. The advanced technology on these machines sets them apart from our competitors and we look forward to welcoming visitors to our factory to demonstrate all the hard work our team has put into these new machines”.

This is an exciting time for Ridgway Machines and especially those interested in cable and conductor taping machines and it would be the perfect opportunity for anybody interested to come and take an up close look at the machines in action. Please get in touch to arrange a visit or discuss your requirements.

About Ridgway Machines: We are the leading manufacturer of precision taping and winding machines for the electrical and energy industries, with over 95 years engineering experience. Ridgway machines are widely used for manufacturing electrical coils, cable and conductors. They are also used to manufacture Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe (RTP) for oil and gas pipelines. From innovative flexible designs to worldwide customer support, we provide expert solutions developed from a close understanding of our customer’s individual needs.