Video of W-MAW Multi Axis Winding Machine (2m24s)

Ridgway W-MAW



Designed for the automated production of complex coils, from on edge field coils to wind turbine stator coils.

Ridgway W-MAW Multi Axis Winder

Advanced Loop Winding Machine

Improve production effectiveness by utilizing the Ridgway W-MAW.

Incorporating a programmable multi-axis winding machine with active drum tensioning and conductor guidance systems, the equipment ensures fast, consistent and high quality production of complex shaped stator coils.

Automatic winding without the need for operator intervention.

Main spindle drive

The W-MAW incorporates the latest servo drive technology. A variable speed geared motor directly drives the main spindle, providing a high torque capability throughout the speed range.

Multi axis winding beam

Encoder feedback ensures accurate positional control of the winding beam. An additional servo driven gearbox, mounted directly to the winding beam also provides rotational movement of the coil tooling.

Conductor guidance

Conductor guidance is provided via a free standing guide post to ensure vertical, horizontal and angular positioning is maintained.

Additional servo controlled conductor guidance can also be fitted to the coil tooling if required.

Ridgway W-MAW Drum Stand

Drum stands

Compared to the alternative of friction braking, the W-MAW offers a wear free solution with accurately controllable individual drum tensioning.

Capstan tension unit

For optimum conductor control a range of pneumatically actuated single or double capstan tension units is available.

Operator control

Easy to operate control console to enable operation of the machine, PC programming of winding sequences and adjustment of conductor tensions. Coil winding details can also be stored within the control system for future use.

Ancillary Equipment provides complete manufacturing solution

The W-MAW multi-axis winder is available with a range of ancillary equipment, including drum stands and capstan tensioners, designed to enhance your manufacturing productivity.


pdfSpec Sheet PDF (133KB)

Loop Winder

Maximum torque

Up to 9000 Nm

Speed range

0 to 10 rpm

Fully programmable

Winding Beam

Maximum length

Up to 2.5 metres

Servo controlled beam positioning

Servo controlled tool rotation

Also available

Ridgway Capstan Tension Unit

Capstan Tension Unit

Variable tension control

Adjustable guide rollers

Pneumatic brake override

Capstan Tension Unit details


W-MAW Multi Axis Winding Machine DemoW-MAW Loop Winding Machine Video (2m24s)


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