Video of W-LAP Loop Winding Machine (3m23s)

Ridgway W-LAP



Designed for the precision winding of looped coils

Ridgway W-LAP Loop Winding Machine

Advanced Loop Winding Machine

Automatic pin positioning.

Easy to operate using a touch screen interface.

Optional drum stand configurations include individual programmable active tensioning for each drum.

Improved quality

Fast, accurate and consistent winding of looped coils.

Programmable winding pin positioning

Automatic winding pin positioning and end of cycle release.

Servo motor drives

The W-LAP incorporates the latest servo drive technology.

Anti runback

The winder incorporates an electrically released brake, preventing runback and eliminating tension loss during stopping and starting.

Quick release tooling

Operator friendly solutions for both the conductor clamping and winding pin assemblies.

Conductor active tensioning

Compared to the alternative of friction braking, the W-LAP offers a wear free solution with accurately controllable individual constant drum tensioning.

Multi Position Pivoting De-Reeler Drum Stand

Operator HMI control

Easy to operate control panel for the adjustment of loop length, winding speed and individual conductor tensions.

Other functions include the ability to set and count the number of turns per coil and the quantity of coils per set.

Coil winding details can also be stored within the control system for future use.

Cost effective solution

The ability to regenerate electrical energy and reduce the overall machine running cost by up to 33%.

Range of Drum Stands Available

Also available with a wide range of Drum Stands as well as the Multi Position Pivoting De-Reeler Drum Stand.


pdfSpec Sheet PDF (156KB)

Loop Winder

Maximum torque

Up to 8500 Nm

Speed range

0 to 25 rpm

Fully programmable operator HMI

Winding Beam

Maximum loop length

Up to 4.5 metres

Servo controlled winding pin positioning

Quick Release Tooling

'D' Tooling for Trapezoidal shaped coils

In-line conductor taping using Squirrel Turn Taper


Ridgway Pay Off Drum Stand

Pay Off Drum Stand

Drum shaft diameter

Ø 32mm

Maximum number of drums

Up to 26

Maximum drum diameter

Ø 800mm

Maximum drum width


Maximum drum weight



Video of W-LAP Loop Winding Machine (3m23s)W-LAP Loop Winding Machine Video (3m23s)


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