Video of W-LAP Heavy Duty Loop Winder (5m12s)

Ridgway W-LAP



Designed for the precision winding of large looped coils

Ridgway W-LAP Heavy Duty Loop Winding Line
W-LAP Heavy Duty Loop Winding Beam

This automated winding line produces large conventional coil loops. Capable of accepting multiple conductors which are passed through gathering boxes and conductor guidance systems, the correctly orientated and bunched conductors are either taped by the 'Squirrel' Tape Turner or guided directly into the loop winding beam. The loop winder has servo driven, adjustable pins which are automatically set to pre-programmed positions to produce a range of variable loop lengths.

Advanced Automated Functionality

Ridgway W-LAP Heavy Duty Loop Winder - STT Tape Head
'Squirrel' Tape Turner

Providing consistent, accurate and repeatable performance

Programmable Operator Interface and Control System for:

Loop Recipe and Selection

  • Required number of turns
  • Winder maximum rotational speed
  • Conductor clamping
  • Pin position setting
  • Mode: Manual Loop, Auto Loop, Auto with Tape

Taping Parameters Recipe

  • Auto calculation & display of amount of tape required per coil loop
  • Scaling of Turn Taper linear and rotation maximum speeds
  • Amount of conductor used per coil loop
  • Tape break detection
  • Tape remaining calculation
  • Calculation of pitch setting and tape pad angles
  • Auto lead tape length at end of process

Servo drive and position control of Turn Taper Gantry

  • Auto positioning of 'Squirrel' Turn Taper (STT) in relation to beam position and synchronised with wind beam rotational speed
Finished Loop Close-up
Finished Loop - Close-up


pdfSpec Sheet PDF (511KB)

Heavy Duty Loop Winder

Maximum torque

Up to 8500 Nm

Speed range

0 to 20 rpm

Fully Programmable and full auto control or manual mode available

Heavy Duty Winding Beam

Maximum & Minimum loop length

500 - 4,500mm

Servo controlled pin positioning

Auto Quick Release at end of winding


Squirrel Tape Turner & Support Gantry

'Squirrel' Tape Turner & Support Gantry

STT Rotation Taping Speed

up to 200rpm

STT Linear Speed

6m per minute maximum

Number of Tape Pads

1 to 3

Maximum Tape Pad Diameter


Maximum Conductor Stack

30 x 30 mm

Multi-Conductor Drum Stand Solutions

Fabricated steel frame with individual cantilevered drum shafts

26 Reel Drum Stand

Each position carries adjustable back tension friction braking

Multi Position Pivoting De-Reeler Drum Stand

Pivoting de-reeler configuration for applying 180 degree twist in conductors for transposition windings


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