Video footage of Ridgway Machines in action

Coil Taping

Poloidal Field insulation for Sea Alp Engineering Consortium as part of the ITER project.

Length: 2:59

Chinese commentary and captions available BCT50/150VL Suspended Coil Taping Machine - with Chinese commentary

Length: 02:50

BSG Bar Support Gantry

Length: 02:46

STT Squirrel Turn Taping Machine

Length: 01:15

BCT Taping and Coil Handling Equipment – Set up & Operation

Length: 3:16

BCT 16/30VLDM Bench Mounted Coil Taping Machine

Length: 2:09

BCT 20/50H-VL Flat Coil Taping Machine

Length: 4:58

Stator Bar – Large Bar or Coil Taping Solution

Length: 2:41

Coil Taping Videos

This page shows example videos of Ridgway Coil Taping Machines in action. If you would like to see more videos, please contact us.