Video of VTM-TS Vertical Taping Demo (3m16s)

Ridgway VTM-TS


Designed to apply a large range of taping materials to conductors and cables.

Ridgway VTM-TS Vertical Taping MachineConcentric bi-directional tape heads

The VTM-TS has two concentric servo driven tape heads which can accommodate flat or traverse wound tape packages. The motors have brakes to maintain continuous synchronisation and prevent inadvertent head rotation by the operator.

Constant tape tension

The heads are electronically linked through a dancer unit, which provides extremely accurate tape tension control throughout the taping process. The dancer detects tape breakage and instructs the machine to come to a rapid controlled stop.

Simple operation

The operator inputs taping parameters and the helix angle is displayed to enable tape head set up – a recipe memory is included in the control system to allow the operator to create, save and load taping recipes.

Ridgway VTM-TS Vertical Taping Bay

VTM-TS Vertical Taping Bay

Photo electric low tape detectors bring the line to a controlled halt when the tape pad is close to finishing.

Conductor steadies with adjustable guide roller units hold the conductor or cable steady during the taping process.

Strobe lights are fitted for 'freeze frame' views of the taping process.

Control system allows communication with ancillary equipment.

Other heads – such as tangential tape heads – are available.

Remote diagnostics

Simply plug the VTM-TS into the internet and Ridgway engineers connect to the machine and diagnose problems very quickly.

Ridgway VTM-TS Vertical Taping Line with pay-off and take-up drum stands

Ridgway VTM-TS Vertical Taping Line shown with pay-off and take-up drum stands


pdfSpec Sheet PDF (130KB)

Conductor capacity

Ø 1.0mm to 14.0mm

Maximum line speed

50 metres per minute

Maximum operating speed

Up to 2000 rpm

Maximum tape pad/pack size

320mm outside diameter

x 120mm high x 76mm bore

Max. tape pad weight 7kg

Tension range 8 to 25N

Taping spindle through bore

15mm diameter

Machine weight 1400 kg

Electrical supply

400 volt, 3 phase 50 hertz

(other supplies available)

PC control front end provides the VTM-TS operator with easy to use controls.


Line speed control

Line start and stop and 'jog'

Increase/decrease head speed

Acceleration/deceleration % rate

Batch count, reset and value


Conductor diameter, or width & thickness

Tape width & thickness

Overlap in % or mm

Bi-directional head rotation


Pay-off/take-up drum stands

Dancer units

Air conditioning of machine and/or electrical cabinets