Video of STT Squirrrel Taping Machine at CWEIME Berlin (1m14s)

Ridgway STT


Designed for the efficient taping together of multiple conductors as they pass between the gathering box and loop winding beam during the loop winding process.

Ridgway STT Squirrel Turn Taping Machine

Squirrel Turn Taping Machine

For a versatile and cost effective solution, the STT Squirrel turn taping machine offers a simple solution to dramatically reduce the overall coil manufacturing time.

By introducing the STT between the gathering box and loop winding machine, groups of conductors can be quickly and accurately taped together with minimal disruption to the winding process.

Freely suspended

The squirrel taping machine is freely suspended on a tool balancer from its own gantry.

Variable lap

Variable tape pitch is achieved by setting the rotational speed and linear speed accordingly.

Servo drives

The machine is driven by twin caterpillar belts, powered by two synchronised servo motors.

Gantry sizes

Gantries are sized and manufactured to match exact requirements.

Traction control

To ensure consistent adhesion to the conductor, the machine is fitted with a pneumatic traction control system.

Ridgway STT Squirrel Turn Taping Machine with Loop Winder

Twin tape applicators

Electrically driven taping machine combining a rotating taping head fitted with a pair of tape applicators.

Tape tension

Settings are variable and easily adjusted by the operator if required.

Operator control pedestal

Operation is via a control panel mounted on a pedestal. Rotational and linear speeds are adjusted via potentiometers.


pdfSpec Sheet PDF (120KB)

Twin Tape Applicators

Rotational speed


Linear speed

Max: 6m/min

Tape pad diameter

Max: Ø100mm (24”)

Tape width

20mm and 25mm

Tape spool core

Ø10mm bore
Ø25mm bore

Tape tension

Max: 1kg (2.2lbs) for glass taping

Max: 5Kg (11lbs) for mica taping

Conductor stack size

Max: 25mm wide x 25mm high


Video of STT Squirrrel Taping Machine at CWEIME Berlin (1m14s)STT Squirrel Turn Taping Machine Video (1m14s)


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