Ridgway SSC


Rapid production of insulated conductors with dressed ends for armature, rotor & stator bar manufacture

Ridgway SSC Straighten Strip & Cut Line

Ridgway SSC Straighten Strip & Cut Line

Straighten, Strip & Cut Line

The SSC line is designed to strip insulation from pre-insulated copper conductor (supplied on a drum) and delivers pre-set cut lengths with stripped ends.

A drum of insulated conductor is fed from the pay-off drum stand and through the straightening unit. The conductor is then pulled through the brush unit stripping the insulation to pre-set lengths using a counter-rotating brush set.

The conductor is pulled through the machine by the caterpillar to a pre-set distance to the second brush unit and the next set of counter-rotating brushes. The hydraulic guillotine cuts the conductor to length and drops the strip into the collection tray.

The tray indexes after each cut cycle, continuously delivering the final product to the pre-set total length and stripped end lengths.

The SSC line compromises the following modules:

Pay-off Drum Stand

Straightening Unit

Brush Stripping & Clean Unit



Guillotine Cut Station

Delivery Chute / Collection Bench

HMI / Control System

Ridgway SSC Straightening Unit

Straightening Unit

Ridgway SSC Stripping Unit

Stripping Unit


pdfSpec Sheet PDF (261KB)

Copper conductor section

Max: 18mm x 4mm

Min: 4mm x 1mm

Insulation stripped length

30mm to 200mm

Conductor cut length

500mm to 8000mm

Accuracy of cut length

+/- 2mm

Accuracy of stripped length

+/- 2mm

Minimum straightening and stripping speed


Electrical supply

415 Volts, 3 Phase, 50 Hz (other supplies catered for)

Compressed air supply

Clean and dry at 5.5 bar min. pressure