Ridgway Machines Design and Manufacturing Facility - Leicester, England, UK


Old Ridgway FactoryRidgway Machines Ltd can trace its roots back to 1920 when Ridgway & Co were first established in Leicester, England. Originally a general engineering business, Ridgway (sometimes misspelled as 'Ridgeway') evolved into a high quality specialist design and manufacturing company.

Working closely with local manufacturers such as GEC, Brush Electrical Machines and Midland Dynamo, Ridgway developed a wide range of machinery for the coil winding industry.

The acquisition of Crowther Engineering in 1988 enabled us to develop further as a conductor and cable taping machinery specialist, offering complete taping production lines for a wide range of materials, including glass and Kapton.

In 2000 we launched our thermoplastic pipe reinforcing machines for the oil and gas pipeline industry. Experiencing high demand and successful growth for this and other product lines, we moved to larger manufacturing facilities in 2004 and more recently to our present location in 2012.