Ridgway POM-CC


Designed to simultaneously form single and multi-turn coils in phase groups of up to eight coils.

Ridgway POM-CC Continuous Coil Former

Continuous Coil Forming Machine

The POM-CC servo driven coil forming machine is used to simultaneously form single and multi-turn coils in phase groups of up to eight coils.

Enabling the fast and effective winding of stators, this turn-key production solution dramatically reduces the number of winding connections required. Simple to operate, production efficiencies of 50% can easily be achieved.

Servo motor drives

The POM-CC incorporates the latest servo drive technology. A total of six axes, powered by AC servo motors and precision ball screws are used to position the machine.

Precision control

Resolver feedback ensures accurate and repeatable positioning of the machine axes.

Tooling and fixtures

Exclusive bespoke tooling design is incorporated offering a complete manufacturing solution.

Operator HMI control

Easy to operate control console to enable operation of the machine and PC programming of the pull-out sequences. Coil winding details can be stored within the control system for future use.


Ensuring that safety is paramount feature, the operational area of the machine is guarded by a safety light curtain.

Turn-key solution

To complement the POM-CC, a complete range of loop winders, loop winder tooling, turn tapers and drum stands is available.


Ridgway POM-CC Continuous Coil Forming Machine


pdfSpec Sheet PDF (150KB)

Coil stack height

Dependent on tooling

Coil stack width

Dependent on tooling

Length of cell (coil straight)

Max: 1000mm

Min: 380mm

Overall loop length (eye to eye)

Max: 2000mm

Min: 875mm

Angle between coil sides

Max: 120° (included)

Min: 0°

Coil spread

Max: 900mm

Min: 150mm


Ridgway POM-CC Continuous Coil