Designed to provide a fast, accurate and consistent method to form large stator coils.

Ridgway POM5000 Coil Pull-Out Machine

Coil Pull-out Machine

The POM5000 large hydraulic coil forming machine is used to pull-out stator coils into their final shape according to the individual coil design requirements.

The machine has the power to shape coils of the largest cross section and the flexibility to be adapted for different bend radii at the nose and in the core bend region.


The POM5000 has the capability to form stator coils having a maximum looped coil length of 5000mm with a maximum coil stack size of 85mm x 40mm

Hydraulic power

The main axes of the machine and coil clamps are hydraulically powered. This enables the largest of coils to be effortlessly formed whilst retaining a high degree of accurate positional control. Axis drive speeds can easily be adjusted to maximize productivity over the range of coil sizes that can be produced.

Tooling and fixtures

The coil clamping arrangements on the slot portion ends and in the coil noses are arranged to be easily adapted from one coil design to the next. The design has been developed to ensure that minimum change over times can be achieved.

Easy to set

All axes are fitted with linear scales to ensure repeat set ups are quick and easy. Coil nose angles are adjustable up to 30 degrees and are fitted with angular scales for reference.

Operator controls

The machine is operated via a free standing control console that incorporates external controls to the main hydraulic power pack.


pdfSpec Sheet PDF (122KB)

Coil stack height

Max: 85mm

Min: 12mm

Coil stack width

Max: 40mm

Min: 6mm

Length of cell (coil straight)

Max: 4128mm

Min: 440mm

Overall loop length (eye to eye)

Max: 5000mm

Min: 950mm – using extensions

Nose bend radii

25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm

Core bend radii

25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm

Coil nose pin diameter

Max: 63mm

Min: 20mm

Angle between coil sides

Max: 130°

Min: 20°

Coil spread

Max: 1200mm

Min: 400mm

Nose twist angle

Max: ± 30°

Min: 0°