Ridgway POM-WPB


Designed for the efficient winding and forming of single and multi-turn coils in phase groups of up to seven coils.

Ridgway POM-WPB Wind and Pull-Out Beam

Ridgway POM-WPB Wind and Pull-Out Beam - Open

Ridgway POM-WPB Wind and Pull-Out Beam - Closed

Wind & Pull-Out Beam - Closed

Wind & Pull-out Beam

For a versatile and cost effective solution the POM-WPB wind and pull-out beam offers a simple production solution to dramatically reduce the overall coil manufacturing time.

The POM-WPB enables phase groups of single and multi-turn coils to be loop wound and pulled-out in one operation.

Quick, accurate set up

The POM-WPB is fully adjustable. For reference, linear scales are fitted to the beam, ensuring fast and accurate setups can be achieved.

Easy to operate

Operation of the wind and pull-out beam could not be simpler. Once set, the desired loops are traditionally wound with the conductors being guided into the tooling by the operator. The coil forming screw arrangement is then rotated until the desired coil spread dimension is achieved.

Tooling and fixtures

Exclusive bespoke tooling design is incorporated, offering a complete manufacturing solution. Variable length slot section and interchangeable loop bend radius tooling are available.

Turn-key solution

The wind and pull-out beam is a standalone fixture designed to fit to an existing winding machine faceplate. Offering a turn-key solution, to complement the POM-WPB, a complete range of winding machines and drum stands is also available.

Operator platforms

Optional work platforms are available, designed to ensure a safe working environment for your operators.


pdfSpec Sheet PDF (166KB)

Wind & Pull-out Beam

Coil stack height

Max: 50mm

Min: 10mm

Coil stack width

Max: 17mm

Min: 5mm

Length of cell (coil straight)

Max: 1520mm

Min: 440mm

Overall loop length (eye to eye)

Max: 2300mm

Min: 756mm


Maximum torque

Up to 5000 Nm

Speed range

0 to 20 rpm