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Ridgway Machines moving forward and expanding

27th March 2018

Ridgway Machines, a leading manufacturer of precision taping and winding machines today announced it is expanding its design department to drive the business forward by providing innovative solutions for customers. This will help meet demand for their technically advanced machines designed for a range of industries such as aerospace, aviation, automotive, energy, nuclear and subsea.

This technical focus is part of a recent reorganisation that sees Andy Glanville become the new Managing Director. Andy said "Today's announcement makes it clear that Ridgway has shown a commitment to continue to grow. Investing in highly skilled people is great news for us and will help Ridgway thrive and confirm us as the leader in our fields”.  In a strategic business move Tony Hart has taken up the position of Operations Director focusing on even better support for customers in the delivery of projects, goods and services.

Increased demand also means Ridgway have invested in new engineers to help manufacture machines like the innovative new HTM – High frequency taping machine, designed to accurately apply a variety of tape materials to cables and flat conductors. It can apply a variety of high performance materials to wire and cable including PTFE, Aluminium, Mylar and Kapton®. Hi-Resolution cameras are installed for high speed image capture and data logging with 80 images captured per second and a precise tape application with head speeds of 2500rpm.

Ridgway HTM – High Frequency Taping Machine for Aerospace Cables

HTM – High Frequency Taping Machine for Aerospace Cables

Ridgway Sales Director Andy Clarke said “We are very proud of our new machine range and the work our team of engineers has done to design and manufacture our most advanced taping machines to date. It is particularly exciting due to the innovative camera and product measurement systems that enhance the machine through data capture and benefit organisations who manufacture high performance cables, keeping them ahead of their competition”.

About Ridgway Machines: We are the leading manufacturer of precision taping and winding machines for the electrical and energy industries, with over 95 years engineering experience. Ridgway machines are widely used for manufacturing electrical coils, cable and conductors. They are also used to manufacture Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe (RTP) for oil and gas pipelines. From innovative flexible designs to worldwide customer support, we provide expert solutions developed from a close understanding of our customers' individual needs.

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