Ridgway HTM-CTS


For wire and cable

Designed for the application of tape to wire and cable.

Ridgway High Speed Horizontal Concentric Twin Servo Taping Machine

Concentric Twin Servo Taping Machine

High speed accurate taping at up to 60 metres/minute.

Cost effective solution

Increase your productivity by investing in competitively priced high quality precision taping machines.

Twin servo motor drive

Fast accurate head control using the latest twin servo drive technology.

Taping quality

Accurate and consistent taping of a wide range of materials to meet the high standards that your customer demands.

High capacity tape pads

Use traverse wound tape packages to increase productivity with less pad changes. Integrated reserve tube for tape pad storage.


Operator HMI control

Easy to operate control panel for fine adjustment of the taping lap, strobe light settings and jog. Line status information is also displayed.


Non contact sensors for low pad detection.

Strobe light

'Freeze frame' view of the taping process for accurate adjustment.

Reliable support

When integrated into a Ridgway taping line skilled engineers are available for fast, professional support via remote diagnostics.

Ridgway HTM-CTS Taping Bay

Ridgway HTM-CTS Taping Bay


pdfSpec Sheet PDF (118KB)

Taping head speed

Up to 2000rpm

Spindle through bore

Ø – up to 30mm

Conductor capacity

6mm2 to 570mm2

Tape pads

Ø - up to 320mm (Flat Pad)

Ø - 250mm x 120mm (Traverse Wound)

Weight: Up to 9kg

Pad core Ø - 75/76mm

Tape widths

6mm up to 30mm

Tape material

Paper, Nomex®, Mica, polyester, Aluminium/Mylar®, PTFE, Kapton®

Tape tensions

5 to 50N (1 to 10lbs)

Tape pad angle limits (Helix)

20 to 60 degrees

Bi-directional head rotation