Ridgway Caterpillars


Designed to pull conductors or cables through taping machines at a controlled speed without damaging the product covering.

Ridgway Caterpillar Cabinet

Caterpillar Haul Through System

Traction System

The polyurethane laminated belts run on rollers. Grip is provided by the upper belt track closing down pneumatically onto the lower track with the conductor or cable product between the tracks. Clamping pressure is adjustable through a pneumatic regulator. The top track opens pneumatically (up to 70mm), the bottom track can be lowered for thick products, maintaining the centre height.

Drive System

The single drive is through a gearbox arrangement to drive both belts at the same speed with overall control through a servo drive. A signal from this servo drive is used to synchronise the taping heads.

Control System

The caterpillar is opened and closed through a solenoid valve and fitted with a pressure switch interlock. This prevents the line from running unless the caterpillar is closed. A mechanical counter with encoder is fitted to the caterpillar output side, enabling precise batch length measurement.

Rugged Construction

The caterpillar bay has a hollow section steel base structure with four feet to facilitate floor fixing. The frame is clad in steel plate and electrically interlocked hinged access doors with viewing windows to the front.

Ridgway Caterpillar Cabinet in 4 stage taping line

Ridgway Caterpillar Cabinet in 4 stage taping line


Maximum line speed

40m/min (CAT500) or 60m/min (CAT200) - geared to suit

Pulling force

2000N/200kg (CAT200) or

5000N/500kg (CAT500)

Contact length

1000mm (CAT200) or

1500mm (CAT500)

Belt width


Centre line height


Machine weight

1100kg (CAT200) or 1500kg (CAT500)

Dimensions (cm)

L 150 x D 90 x H 150 (CAT200) or

L 200 x D 110 x H 150 (CAT500

Compressed air supply

Requires external clean dry air at 2cfm/5.5 bar

Electrical supply

To suit local standard power supply