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CASE STUDY - HV Coil Manufacture and Taping Solutions

HV Coil Manufacture and Taping Solutions Equipment

Ridgway Machines works closely with customers to deliver the best possible solutions for their manufacturing requirements.

In January 2016 Ridgway completed the installation and commissioning of a range of new coil manufacture and taping solutions for a major UK coil manufacturer. The equipment is installed in their new coil workshop in the UK.

Ridgway worked closely with their customer to develop solutions to meet their demand for increased production capability, using solutions that provide consistent performance and reliability, and that ensure the highest quality product.

The Ridgway solutions include:

  • BCT 20/50VL Coil Taping Machine and Coil Handling Equipment
  • MTM - Mobile / Travelling Head Taping Machines
  • W-LAP - Loop Winding Machine with Automated Loop Winding and Pin Position Setting
  • SSC - Straightening, Stripping and Cut to Length Line
  • Multi-Position, Pivoting De-reeling Drum Stand

This important contract covered the design of specific production capabilities and integration requirements associated with the Coil Handling equipment configuration and Pivoting Drum Stand solutions. Ridgway had full responsibility for equipment manufacture and assembly in their facility in Leicester UK. The Ridgway facility provides for conducting customer Factory Acceptance Tests and Operator Training, and the customer was able to take full advantage of this capability prior to the equipment being installed in the new workshop.

Ridgway BCT VL Coil Taping Unit
Ridgway BCT VL Coil Taping Unit

Additional features provided by Ridgway to satisfy the production requirements of the project included integrating an existing set of coil handling equipment into the new Gantry. Together with additional BCT linear rail systems, the solution provides for 4 taping operation areas within the single gantry footprint.

The Straighten, Strip & Cut to Length Line includes functionality for conductor stacking, banding, and a hydraulically operated Roebel tooling station to shape a stack of pre-positioned conductors.

Ridgway Solutions Provided

BCT Coil Taping & Coil Handling

The model BCT VL unit is specifically designed for the application of tape insulation systems to motor and generator coils and bars. The machine being weightlessly suspended from an overhead track way provides a fast, accurate and consistent method of operator guided, mechanised tape application with virtually no preparation or set up time being required.

The quality of tape application is assured by the powered drive roller and traverse reversing gearbox arrangement, guaranteeing consistent tape overlap.

Both the tape tension settings are variable and easily adjusted by the operator when required.

The BCT range of taping machines is capable of simultaneously applying 2 layers of tape to the coil or bar.

To enable an increase in production effectiveness the BCT range can be complemented by a range of Ridgway's dedicated coil handling equipment. These are used to provide fast, accurate and consistent operator set up.

MTM Mobile /Travelling Head Coil Taping Machine

MTM Mobile / Travelling Head Coil Taping Machine
MTM Mobile / Travelling Head Coil Taping Machine

The MTM-UR Travelling Head Coil Taping Machine is ideal for the purpose of applying insulating tapes to large coils or bars. A coil or bar is held securely by a number of retractable coil supports that can be positioned longitudinally along the coil with the un-taped portion being supported on adjustable clamp stands. The taping head, which is mounted on a carriage, travels up and down the part of the coil to be taped controlled by an operator sitting at the mobile head. As the carriage approaches the coil supports, the clamps open automatically and the arms move away. As the carriage passes, the arms and clamps resume their holding position.

W-LAP - Loop Winding Machine
W-LAP - Loop Winding Machine

Loop Winding Machine with Automated Set Up Functionality

Ridgway Loop Winders offer versatile and cost effective solutions to meet customer loop winding requirements. The winding line is used to make conventional or trapezoidal loop products using multiple conductors grouped together - this offers customers improved quality through fast and consistent loop winding automated set-up recipes.

The loop winding beam incorporates servo driven, adjustable end pins, automatically sent to pre-programmed positions to produce varying loop lengths. A conductor end clamp, operator touch screen HMI console and movable foot pedal operation ensures ease of use for the operator.


Straighten, Strip & Cut to Length Line
Straighten, Strip & Cut to Length Line

Straighten, Strip & Cut to Length Line

The Straighten, Strip & Cut to Length Line is designed for the rapid production of insulated conductors with dressed ends for armature, rotor and stator bar manufacture. The line strips insulation to pre-set lengths from pre-insulated copper conductor (supplied on a drum) and delivers pre-set cut conductor lengths.

A drum of insulated conductor is fed from the pay-off drum stand and through the straightening unit. The conductor is then pulled through the brush unit, stripping the insulation to pre-set lengths using a counter-rotating brush set. The conductor is pulled through the machine by the caterpillar to a pre-set distance to the second brush unit and the next set of counter-rotating brushes. The hydraulic guillotine cuts the conductor to length and drops the strip into the collection/stacking system, continuously delivering the final product to the pre-set total length and stripped end lengths.

Roebel Transposition Press
Roebel Transposition Press

A Roebel transposition press for stacked conductors can be mounted on the collection bench. The Hydraulic presses impart a down step and up step into a stack of clamped conductors lying in a horizontal plane. The Roebelling process is located alongside the delivery table were stacked conductors are easily extracted from the hinged collection chute. The final 'weave' of the Roebel bar is a separate manual function.

Multi Position, Pivoting De-Reeling Drum Stand

The De-Reeling Drum Stand consists of a fabricated steel frame with an individual cantilevered drum shaft at each position, each with twin bearing units. The number of drum positions can be configured to suit individual customer requirements.

Multi Position, Pivoting De-Reeling Drum Stand
Multi Position, Pivoting De-Reeling Drum Stand

The drums are mounted to the drum shafts by means of tapered cones to accept a range of drum bore sizes. These drum shafts also carry the back tension brake, comprising of a brake drum onto which a brake shoe operates. Tension adjustment for each drum is provided via a cylinder operated by a lever valve and a pressure regulator.

The fabricated frame is in turn fixed to a front and rear support structure. Each of these structures includes a bearing system – the rear system consists of a slew ring arrangement to enable the drum frame to rotate. The slewing ring rotation is provided via a motor and drive system controlled from the operator's panel located adjacent to the drum stand. The system is designed to rotate the required number of degrees in one direction then back again, although other operational requirements can be catered for.

Long Standing Partnership

Ridgway Machines Sales and Marketing Director Andy Clarke commented that "the completion of this project marks a major reinforcement of a strong and long standing partnership and provides an important opportunity to showcase the extensive range of Ridgway's capabilities and expertise in coil manufacture solutions to all who visit the new facility. We wish to ensure our customer a long and successful future with their new workshop and future production of premium quality high voltage coils; and Ridgway will always be ready to support and help develop the next expansion in production".