Ridgway Camera System


Designed to monitor and constantly adjust the taping head to ensure accurate tape registration between layers.

Ridgway Camera System

Camera System

The addition of camera technology captures each individual wrap frame by frame, constantly adjusting the taping head to ensure accurate tape registration between layers and compliance with ever demanding customer specifications.

The camera technology can be used on a wide range of tape materials including Mica, Kapton®, PTFE and Paper. The camera system comprises of a digital camera assembly, LED light, image acquisition software and associated hardware. An industrial PC and associated hardware are fitted in the control console, which is located next to the taping machine that has the camera system fitted. The monitor, keyboard and mouse allow the operator to set up the system. The output from camera system inputs into the taping machine control system, thereby allowing positional control of the taping process. A bespoke Graphical User Interface runs on machine start up. Through this GUI, the operator can easily make static or in process adjustments to image processing parameters to ensure accurate register acquisition across a wide range of materials. Imaging configurations and notes on setup (eg. lens choice, camera position) can be saved as recipes and recalled as required.

Ridgway Camera System Screen

Ridgway Camera System Screen


pdfSpec Sheet PDF (155KB)

Camera operational limits:

Maximum linear speed


Conductor width using 25mm lens (std)

3mm to 16mm

Conductor width using optional lenses

50mm lens – minimum 1.3mm

16mm lens – maximum 30mm

Taping Accuracy

Taping Accuracy Diagram


2 d = e/2 ± 0.25
3 d = e/3 ± 0.25
4 d = e/4 ± 0.25
d = mutual overlap of tape layers (mm)
e = tape width (10 - 15mm)