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Horizontal Cable & Conductor Taping Machines

Ridgway produce a range of horizontal and vertical cable and conductor taping machines designed for a variety of applications, together with drum stands and ancillary equipment.

Ridgway Horizontal Taping Lines

Ridgway Horizontal Taping Lines

Ridgway horizontal taping machines are of modular construction, including a caterpillar haul off, pay-off and take-up drum stands. Our most popular horizontal taping machines are available in a wide range of configurations, for more information, please see:

Ridgway HTM Taping Line

Ridgway HTM Taping Line

Ridgway Triple Bunching Line

Ridgway Triple Bunching Line

View Ridgway Drum Stands

Ridgway Vertical Drum Stand

View Ridgway Caterpillars

Ridgway CAT500 Caterpillar


Range of Taping Heads

Various types of head are available to suit most requirements. The heads are equipped with tape break and low pad detectors and auto self-compensating tape tension devices. Concentric heads are fitted with external controls for tape tension settings.

Taping heads include high speed concentric, tangential and radial with compensating tension, tape break and low pad detection. Various styles of head are designed to suit particular applications.

Head speeds up to 1,500 rpm are achievable under the correct taping conditions. The operator's panel is particularly user friendly and easy to operate, being menu driven and having a simple key pad operation. Remote stations at various points make for convenience on longer machines.

More tape head options

Straightening, Brushing and Cleaning

When used for transformer conductors taping lines can be fitted with straightening rolls and brush / vacuum cleaning system.

Drum Stands

Robust drum stands with capacities up to 16 tonnes can be supplied in both pay-off and take-up variants. Options vary from simple pressure brakes through to torque and dancer control systems. Manual, pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical lift systems ar available to suit the application.

Drum stands and other ancillary equipment are available from Ridgway to complete your production line.

Custom Designs

Custom designs built to your own requirements can be supplied, based on well proven, reliable components. Please contact Ridgway for more details.