Ridgway BCT140VLBM


Designed to apply layers of insulation on to flexible cables up to 50mm uncovered diameter

BCT140VLBM Taping Machine

BCT140VLBM Taping Machine

Twin tape applicators

Ridgway BCT140VLBM Tape Head

Electrically driven taping machine combining a rotating taping head fitted with a pair of tape applicators.

Linear servo drive

Bench mounted, modular linear rail - servo drive system.

Machine length configurable to customer requirements.

Auto reverse

Auto reverse at the end of each pass.

The number of passes can be preset and the count displayed on the control panel.

Cable end cone taping

Programmable to produce cone taping at the cable ends if required.

Pneumatic cable tensioning

Fully adjustable, pneumatically controlled cable tensioning device.

Variable lap taping

Head rotational speed and linear speed adjustable to achieve the desired taping pitch / tape overlap.

Retractable cable supports

Fully automatic, retractable cable supports with pneumatic grippers to prevent axial twist during taping.


pdfSpec Sheet PDF (133KB)

Conductor capacity (uncovered)

Ø 10mm to 50mm

Conductor capacity (covered)

Ø 140mm

Machine length

Configurable to customer requirements

Tape widths

20mm to 50mm wide

Tape tension

1.0 kg to 10.0 kg

Tape spool

Ø 50mm and Ø 75mm core

Ø 200mm outside

Machine taping speed

30 rpm to 150 rpm

Traverse rate

10mm/rev to 40mm/rev

Machine centre height

1300mm nominal

Machine guarding

Light curtain and head guard

Compressed air supply

6 bar – clean and dry

Electrical supply

400 volt, 3 phase 50 hertz

(other supplies available)