Video of Conductor Bunching Line (2m22s)

Ridgway Bunching Lines


For taping and bunching wire and cable - up to 8 Separate Conductors

Ridgway Bunching Line with finished 8 Conductor product

Ridgway 8 Conductor Bunching Line together with 8 conductor product

Bunching & Taping Lines

A complete solution offering the capability to separately insulate, bunch and collectively insulate stacks of conductor.

Ridgway offer a complete automated machine line for taping and bunching multiple conductors together. Taping insulation material is applied onto the individual conductors (up to 8 maximum) prior to bunching and collectively insulating the finished conductor stacks.

Taping speeds in excess of 1000rpm can be provided with a choice of 2, 3, 4 or 8 pad heads for each individual taping bay to provide the required quantity of insulation layers. A full graphics HMI interface provides simplified control from a single free standing console.

If space is a constraint, we can design a compact unit to suit your exact requirements.

Pay off drum stands

Complete range – torque and dancer control available.

Straighten and Clean

Hardened steel rollers with powered brushes are incorporated into the design, providing perfectly straightened and cleaned conductor prior to tape application.

Taping Machines

Servo motor drive

Photo-electric tape break detectors

Low tape pad detection

Conductor steady with adjustable guide roller units

Strobe light option giving freeze frame view of taping process

Taping heads

Extensive range for all applications:

Tangential heads with 2, 3, 4 or 8 tape pads

Concentric heads for traverse wound packs or flat pads


Up to 5000N pull

Servo drive, synchronised to tape head speed

Pneumatically controlled belt pressure Take‑up drum stand

Complete range available including:

Traversing drum – servo driven

Traversing wire – Uhing type

Drum Ø sensing

Variable torque control

Control System

A free standing operator control console is supplied. In addition, total line control is available from every taping machine in the line.


When integrated into a Ridgway taping line skilled engineers are available for fast, professional support via remote diagnostics.

Ridgway 8 Conductor Bunching Line

Ridgway 8 Conductor Bunching Line


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Bunching Lines

Taping head speed

Up to 1000rpm

Spindle through bore

Ø – up to 40mm

Finished product capacity

Up to 1200mm2

No. of conductors

Up to 8

No. of bays after bunching

Up to 5

Line speed

Up to 60 metres per min.

Tangential taping heads

Tape pads per head – up to 8

Concentric taping heads

Flat pad

Traverse wound pack

Bi-directional head rotation



Waxing units

Burr detectors