Video of BSG Bar Support Gantry (2m46s)

Ridgway BSG


Designed to clamp and support large stator bars while taping with BCT taping machines.


Ridgway BSG Bar Support Gantry

Bar Support Gantry

For a versatile and cost effective solution, when used in conjunction with the range of Ridgway BCT taping machines, the bar support gantry provides a secure method of supporting large stator bars during the taping process.

With precision, overhead linear guide rails and automatic retraction of the bar supports, the operator can tape the entire length of the stator bar without interruption.


Use to provide fast, accurate and consistent methods of operator guided tape application with virtually no preparation or set up time required.

Automatic retraction

The gantry is equipped with pneumatically controlled bar support arms. These automatically retract as the taping machine approaches.

Lateral positioning

The bar support arms are mounted on linear rails and can be positioned to accommodate various bar lengths. When taping short bars, these can be moved out of the taping area and isolated for operator convenience.

Height adjustment

The coil support arms are mounted on a lateral frame. To ensure a comfortable working height, the frame is raised or lowered hydraulically.


A range of gantry sizes are available to match exact requirements.

Ridgway BSG Bar Support Arm

BSG Bar Support Arm

Overhead linear rails

A free running carriage, mounted on precision linear rails ensure smooth lateral traverse of the taping machine.

End clamping

Two heavy duty , free standing pneumatic clamps are positioned at either end of the gantry. These are height adjustable and offer a flexible solution for bar end support.

Multiple BCT carriages

Multiple BCT carriages can be added to allow a variety of taping machines to be used.


pdfSpec Sheet PDF (133KB)

Taping capacities

Bar lengths up to 8.0 meters

Bar section up to 75mm x 150mm

Bar weight up to 1000kg

Support arms

Up to 6 - Retractable & pneumatically operated

Heavy duty end clamps

2 free standing - pneumatically operated

Working height

Adjustable from 110cm to 140cm

Electrical supply

110v - 240v 50/60hz

Single phase 2 amps

Compressed air supply

Clean dry air - 18 ltrs/sec
(38 cfm) @ 5.5 bar

Gantry sizes

4m Gantry - max bar length 3m

5m Gantry - max bar length 4m

7m Gantry - max bar length 6m

9m Gantry - max bar length 8m


Video of BSG Bar Support Gantry (2m46s)BSG Bar Support Gantry Video (2m46s)


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