Ridgway BCTVL-B

Bar Bench Taping Machine

Designed to provide a fast, accurate and consistent method of semi-automated tape application to Roebel, Compensating and Bus Bars.

Ridgway BCTVL-B Bar Bench Taping Machine

Bar Bench Taping Machine

Providing the modern approach to production the BCTVL-B utilizes powered rollers to drive the component through a static taping head having a variable speed of up to 150 rpm

Electrically driven

The BCTVL-B is an electrically driven taping machine that combines a synchronized rotating taping head and two roller feed units to push / pull the work piece through the machine. The roller feed units clamping pressure is easily adjustable.

Tape application

Quality of tape application is assured by the powered drive rollers and traverse reversing gearbox arrangement guaranteeing consistent tape overlap. Both the tape overlap and tape tension settings are variable and easily adjusted by the operator if required. Tape can be applied in both directions.

Twin tape applicators

The rotating taping head is fitted with twin tape applicators, enabling the simultaneous application of 2 layers of tape. A wide variety of tapes can be used including mica, glass, Nomex® and Kapton®.

Ridgway BCTVL-B Tape Head

Ridgway BCTVL-B Tape Head

Efficient production

The BCTVL-B effortlessly tapes at up to 8 times faster than traditional methods. Virtually no machine preparation or set up time is required.

Variable lap taping

Head rotation speed and linear speed are fully adjustable to achieve the desired taping pitch / tape overlap. Connected mechanically, the roller units feed the material through the rotating tape pads at the required rate. The ratio of the feed is adjusted through a rotating thumb wheel on the control panel. The speed of the rotating applicator ring is controlled by a foot operated switch from 0 – 150 rpm.


pdfSpec Sheet PDF (123KB)

Conductor capacity

Max: 150mm wide x 50mm high

Min: 40mm wide x 10mm high

Tape widths

Min: 20mm

Max: 35mm

Tape tension

1.0kg to 14.0kg

Tape spool

Ø 25mm and Ø 55mm core

Ø 170mm outside

Machine taping speed

10rpm to 150rpm


Traverse rate

10mm/rev. to 40mm/rev.

Machine centre height

915mm nominal ± 50mm

Compressed air supply

6 bar – clean and dry

Electrical supply

220 volt, 1 phase 50hz

(other supplies available)