Ridgway BCT

BCT Coil Taping Systems

Fast precision coil taping

BCT 20/50VL Coil Taping Machine
BCT 20/50VL Coil Taping Machine
Ridgway's BCT model range is specifically designed for the application of tape insulation systems to motor and generator coils and bars. It is designed for both OEM and repair shop, providing cost effective, quality insulation.

Ease of operation

The taping head is weightlessly suspended from an overhead trackway, and provides a fast, acccurate and consistent method of operator guided mechanised tape application with virtually no preparation or set up time being required.

Even greater production efficiency

The taping head uses low or high resin tapes for OEM or repair coil shops. It applies tapes over the "in-slot" area and end legs of the coil or bar. In the case of a closed coil the length of covering is limited only by the clearance for head access. Especially useful on longer, heavier coils - the optional coil turnover unit enables both sides of a coil to be taped with speed and convenience.

6 Different Models

BCT Machine with Gantry and CTU

Suspended BCT Coil Taping Machines are made in 4 different sizes, of which 2 are also available as bench-mounted units.

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Coil Turnover Units (CTU)

For consistent, reliable high quality production, combine a Ridgway BCT Coil Taping Machine with a Coil Turnover Unit.

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Bar Handling Equipment (BSG)

Bar Support Gantry - Designed to clamp and support large stator bars while taping with BCT taping machines.

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