BCT Coil Handling Equipment

Coil Handling System with Suspended Taping Head Improves Manufacturing Productivity

Ridgway BCT hand-held taping machines are available with a range of gantry systems, particularly useful for taping larger or heavy coils. Designed as a complete workstation, the gantry enables the pneumatic BCT to be weightlessly suspended for ease of operation. In addition, a Coil Turnover Unit allows quick height setting and rotation of the coil to tape both sides. Productivity is increased and a consistently high quality tape application achieved.

Ridgway BCT Gantry with CTU
Gantry with CTU

Increase your production effectiveness by complementing the range of BCT taping machines with Ridgway's selection of dedicated handling equipment. Use Ridgway gantry workstations with CTU coil turnover units to provide fast, accurate and consistent methods of operator guided tape application with virtually no preparation or set up time required.

Ridgway BCT CTU Coil Turnover Unit
CTU - Coil Turnover Unit

MODEL CTU2500 CTU3000 CTU4000 CTU5000
Gantry Required 3.5m 4.0m 5.0m 6.0m
Max. Coil Length 2500mm 3000mm 4000mm 5000mm


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Designed as a workstation to weightlessly suspend BCT taping machines

The gantry range accommodates the CTU coil handling systems

A free running carriage mounted to linear rails ensures smooth lateral motion of the taping head

Multiple carriages can be added to allow a variety of taping machines to be used

Quick and easy connection of the taping machine to the pneumatic circuit

Manufactured in a range of sizes


Designed to provide a complete, flexible and easy to operate coil handling solution

Only one setup required to tape both coil sides

Coil rotation and work height adjustment easily achieved

Coil securely held by two pneumatic clamps actuated via a foot pedal

Adjustable mechanical stops ensure repeat rotational positioning

Retractable front and rail mounted rear coil supports are available if required



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