Heavy Duty, Multiple Conductor Loop Winding Line with In-Line Turn Taping Features

July 2016

Large HV Coil Manufacture Solutions

Ridgway Machines, world leader in taping machinery for the energy and power industries, is pleased to announce the successful completion of installation and commissioning for their latest developments for coil manufacturing processes targeting large stator coil production.

These latest production developments were requested by French company, JEUMONT Electric SAS, a major equipment supplier who have been manufacturing electrical generators and motors for all types of applications, including Hydro, Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Industrial and Marine; for more than 100 years.

Ridgway worked closely with JEUMONT Electric to develop a solution that met with their demand for increased production capability using solutions that provided: automated functionality, consistent performance and reliability, that ensured the highest quality product for JEUMONT Electric’s customers, and at the same time ensured operator safety by eliminating any physical operator interventions during normal production.

The Ridgway solutions include:

  • 26 Position Drum Stand with individual cantilevered drum shaft and back tension braking
  • Localised operator control station for drum stand tension setting
  • Conductor separation, gathering, bunching and guidance system
  • Heavy Duty Loop Winder with fully automatic or manual operating modes
  • Heavy Duty Winding beam with automatic set up of loop pin tooling positioning for a variety of loop lengths and electrical 'quick release' for ease of finished loop removal
  • Servo driven support gantry to cater for the full height of the vertical beam
  • Gantry mounted 'Squirrel' Turn Taper (STT) for which the automatic set up and control of taping head speed and STT linear speed was fully synchronised with the rotation and speed of the winding beam. The STT control is scaled to suit the length of loop to be wound.

The contract from JEUMONT Electric SAS covered the total design and programming of the automatic functions for the complete mechanical and electrical solution. Ridgway had full responsibility for all equipment manufacture and assembly in their facility in Leicester UK.

The length of the winding beam meant JEUMONT had to provide a pit in their factory floor in order that the centre line height remained at operator floor level. However, the Ridgway facility, which provides for conducting full customer Factory Acceptance Tests and Operator Training, did not have such a feature. Therefore, Ridgway designed and installed a means of securely raising all the equipment so that the line could be fully operated prior to delivery. JEUMONT Electric were able to take full advantage of this capability - including the production of a number of full sized loops required for further process tests at their own factory.

A fully programmable Operator Interface and Control System provided functionality for features such as:

  • Loop Recipe Creation and Selection
    • Required no. of turns
    • Winder maximum rotational speed
    • Conductor clamping
    • Pin position setting
    • Mode – Manual Loop, Auto Loop, Auto Loop with tape
    • Auto pin tension release for ease of loop removal after winding
  • Taping Parameters Recipe
    • Auto calculation & display of amount of tape required per coil loop
    • Scaling of Turn Taper Linear / Rotational maximum speed
    • Amount of conductor used per coil loop
    • Tape break detection
    • Tape remaining calculation
    • Calculation of pitch setting and tape pad angles
    • Auto lead tape length at end of process
  • Servo drive and position control of Turn Taper Gantry
    • Auto positioning of 'Squirrel' Turn Taper (STT) in relation to beam position and synchronised with wind beam rotational speed

The complete set of equipment was installed and commissioned by Ridgway on site in France over a 10 day period, which included providing operator and maintenance team training on all aspects of the new equipment.

Ridgway Machines Sales and Marketing Director Andy Clarke commented that "the completion of this project marks a major reinforcement of a strong and long standing partnership with JEUMONT Electric SAS. It provides an important opportunity to demonstrate the flexibility in design that is a strong feature of the Ridgway Machine brand and reputation. We wish JEUMONT Electric a long and successful future with their production of premium quality high voltage coils, and Ridgway will be ready to support and help develop the next expansion in JEUMONT's production".

JEUMONT Electric's Project Manager Mehdi Najar thanked Ridgway for their support during all the project, and commented "JEUMONT Electric is very happy and completely satisfied with the project management. We hope that we will have the chance to share another experience with RIDGWAY."

Full product details: W-LAP Heavy Duty Loop Winding Line


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W-LAP Heavy Duty Loop Winding Beam 

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