New Coil Workshop facility for Major UK Coil Manufacturer

February 2016

HV Coil Manufacture and Taping Solutions

Ridgway Machines, world leader in taping machinery for the energy and power industries is pleased to announce the completion of installation and commissioning of the range of new coil manufacture and taping solutions requested by a major UK coil manufacturer for their new coil workshop in the UK.

Ridgway worked closely with their customer to develop solutions to meet their demand for increased production capability using solutions that provide consistent performance and reliability, and that ensure the highest quality product.

The Ridgway solutions include:

  • BCT 20/50VL Coil Taping Machine and Coil Handling Equipment
  • MTM - Mobile / Travelling Head Taping Machines
  • W-LAP - Loop Winding Machine with Automated Loop Winding and Pin position Setting
  • SSC - Straightening, Stripping and Cut to Length Line
  • Multi-Position, Pivoting De-reeling Drum Stand

This important contract covered the design of specific production capabilities and integration requirements associated with the Coil Handling equipment configuration and Pivoting Drum Stand solutions. Ridgway had full responsibility for equipment manufacture and assembly in their facility in Leicester UK. The Ridgway facility provides for conducting customer Factory Acceptance Tests and Operator Training, and the customer was able to take full advantage of this capability prior to the equipment being installed in the new workshop.

Additional features provided by Ridgway to satisfy the production requirements of the project included integrating an existing set of coil handling equipment into the new Gantry. Together with additional BCT linear rail systems, the solution provides for 4 taping operation areas within the single gantry footprint.

The Straighten, Strip & Cut to Length Line includes functionality for conductor stacking, banding, and a hydraulically operated Roebel tooling station to shape a stack of pre-positioned conductors.

This major equipment installation is covered in more detail, with several photographs, in the case study: HV Coil Manufacture and Taping Solutions Equipment.

Ridgway Machines Sales and Marketing Director Andy Clarke commented that "the completion of this project marks a major reinforcement of a strong and long standing partnership and provides an important opportunity to show case the extensive range of Ridgway's capabilities and expertise in coil manufacture solutions to all who visit the new facility. We wish to ensure our customer a long and successful future with their new workshop and future production of premium quality high voltage coils, and Ridgway will always be ready to support and help develop the next expansion in production".


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